Sale of Froosh to Fazer Group


Today Fazer Group announced the acquisition of Froosh AB, the leading Nordic smoothie brand, from our client, Unilever Ventures. Fazer Group is an international family-owned company offering quality bakery, confectionery, biscuit and grain products as well as food and café services. The acquisition of Froosh is a perfect strategic fit for Fazer’s future growth and internationalisation plans, supporting its expansion by providing a larger product range to offer retail in current and new markets. Froosh will be part of the Fazer Lifestyle Foods Business Area, being a platform for the offering for healthy fruit-based products. Fazer Lifestyle Foods focuses on non-dairy products, plant-based meals and on-the-go food and drinks.

Froosh is a Swedish company with offices throughout the Nordic region and a fast growing export business. It has a range of unique, award-winning smoothies with high quality fruit ingredients, all 100% natural with no added sugar or preservatives. Froosh responds perfectly to the growing consumer demand for healthy options, especially on-the-go. The company has over 50 employees across the Nordic region and it is with its 35-per-cent market share the clear market leader in the Nordic smoothie market. In addition to its strong position in the Nordics, Froosh exports to Iceland, the Baltics, Germany, France, Ireland and elsewhere and has a recently established presence in Japan.

Froosh CEO Brendan Harris, who has been appointed as Managing Director of Fazer Lifestyle Foods and a member of Fazer’s Group Management Team, commented: “Froosh has enjoyed great success over the past 9 years by providing simple, healthy, delicious fruit drinks to busy, health-conscious consumers. We are an ambitious company and the time is now right to further expand our aspirations. We are delighted to become part of Fazer. Together, Fazer and Froosh will grow, utilising the strengths of both companies. It’s an exciting step for Froosh and our employees who do so much to make Froosh special.”

Froosh AB Fazer Group